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A Break at the Café

A Day in Paris: Exploring Iconic Landmarks with Friends

A Family Meal at McDonald’s

A French Cuisine: Beef Bourguignon with Jacques

A Friendly Decline

A Friendly Visit to Marseille

A Fun Day at the Beach

A Heartfelt Marriage Proposal

A Journey to the Train Station

A Peaceful Day by the Lake

A Romantic Dinner Reservation

A Surprise Party for Dad’s 50th Birthday

A Terrible Day

A Trip to the Airport

A Visit to the Bakery

A Visit to the Bank

A Visit to the Hairdresser’s Salon

An Afternoon at the Library

An Evening at the Restaurant

An Invitation to the Movies

An Unexpected Declaration of Love

At the Dentist

At the Playground

At the Supermarket

Accepting an Invitation to a Party

Adventure in Switzerland

Advice on Customs and Decorum in Paris

Alexandre & Camille’s Family Discussion

Buying Cinema Tickets

Buying Shoes

Buying train tickets

Café de Paris Recipe: A Family Tradition

Car Repair

Christmas Traditions

Collaboration in the Classroom

Conversation About Making Shortbread Cookies

Dear Diary: Turning the Page

Defending Justice: The Zerpfi Case

Discussion about School Schedule and Extracurricular Activities

Discussion about Vacation Plans and Weather in France

Doctor’s Consultation: Stomach Issue Assessment & Advice

Exploring French History: From the Renaissance to the Kings

Family Check-In: Exploring Hotel Amenities and Local Recommendations

Family Hotel Booking

Finding the Perfect Gift

Finding the Perfect Home: House Hunting

First Day at the University

Flight Reservation

Friends’ Reunion

Grocery Shopping

Health Tips with Dr. Antoine: Exploring the Benefits of Foods

Immigration Control at Charles de Gaulle Airport

In Search of an Anti-Cancer Medicine

In Search of Special Stamps

In Search of the Perfect Car

International Student Introductions

Interview for the Receptionist Position at the Parisian Hotel

Jewelry Theft Confession

Learning to Do Laundry

Learning to Wash Dishes

Market Shopping

Morning Beauty Routine with Elodie

Navigating to the Destination: Getting Directions

Newlyweds’ Celebration

New Year’s Preparations and Resolutions

On the Way to the Beach

Ordering Food and Drinks in a French Café

Ordering in a French Restaurant

Ordering Pizzas by Phone

Pharmaceutical Advice for a Cold

Pregnancy Surprise!

Preparing for a Hike in the Alps

Reconciliation After an Argument

Reporting Notre Dame Fire

Road Accident: A Dispute on the Road

Scheduling a Doctor’s Appointment

Shopping for an Elegant Outfit

Shopping Plans for Black Friday

Summer Shopping for the Bahamas

The Animals in the Zoo

The Daily Routine During Weekdays and Weekends

The Requirements of Driver’s License

The Shopping List

Three-day itinerary in Paris

Unforgettable Winter Adventures

Weekend Plans and Socializing

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